"I'd love to tear you into tiny, little pieces!"~Ally

Allie's Death March is one of the DLC quests.


In-game image. Image taken by Almighty Nagamimi

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Unit 13 is requested by Ally to meet her in the Parliament Building after completing the game. Ally assumes Unit 13 is bored, so she makes them go through a boss run, fighting more powerful versions of High Dragons. After they defeat the High Dragons, Ally makes Unit 13 fight the most powerful being in existence other than Unit 13 them self, that being VFD. After VFD's defeat, Ally is overjoyed by Unit 13's power and remarks how she has never felt such emotions for humans before. She then requests that Unit 13 show her their true power before turning into her true form, ND. Unit 13 defeats her and Ally gives them a certificate as a reward. Ally then says for Unit 13 and her to return home and promises that they'll fight once again in another world, in which she can't wait until that time.

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  • In the North American release, Ally's name is referred to as "Allie" in the title.